3 of the most popular sessions from 2022!

⚠️ ALERT ⚠️   As we head into THE busiest time of year for proposals and newly engaged couples… How ready is your team for ENGAGEMENT SEASON?

On average we expect 40% of all engagements to happen over the Christmas and NY holiday period with a little more trickling in for Valentine’s.

What this means for you?

You’re about to have a short, sharp explosion of new enquiries coming into the business.

Here’s how to prepare yourself or your team:

1️⃣ FULL TEAM AWARENESS. Just because you know what’s about to happen does not mean everyone does. With so many new team members this year you’ll need to highlight what’s about to happen.

2️⃣ AVAILABILITY. With the increased leads comes increased tours. if a couple has to wait more than 2 weeks for a tour you’ll likely lose them to another venue. Can your team mange the amount? Do other colleagues need training?

3️⃣ MAXIMISE. This won’t last. Maximising this influx is the key to filling 1st minute 2023 dates AND getting a solid base for 2024. So there’s less panic and dropping rates later down the line.

4️⃣ EMAL GHOSTING. Your team will tell you that one of their challenges is the number of enquiries coming in, they respond and then get ghosted. The couple disappears. Having a modern exciting and psychologically smart response is the only way to move couples through these days. 

So… Don’t wait.

Do this well and you’ll see pick up for 2023 and get that solid base of revenue in for 2024.

For this reason I’ve put together the Wedding Venue Bundle.

3 Key Areas

1 – Save time and create a superb client experience through Epic Onboaridng

2 -Uplevel email responses to stop ghosting and drive tours 

3 – Increase conversion of tours using our 3 step proven method

I know you already convert well. This class is not about the basics. In this 90 minute programme we will go deep into the psychology of our couples. What is it that makes them say “YES” and how you can create more emotional responses and secure more bookings. First secret: It’s almost nothing to do with your venue once they arrive on site!

In this short wedding industry specific workshop learn exactly how to get more responses from your enquiries.

If you receive new leads each week, and yet want to see higher numbers responding and booking – then this is for you.

Zero fluff. Exact strategy.

Creating an epic start after a couple pay their deposit is critical. The first week can create a whole heap of magic OR start the ball rolling in the wrong direction. (Been there right?)

Your onboarding process when done correctly, creates healthy boundaries, avoids buyers remorse, ensures your couples get off on the right foot and  saves you a ton of time.

You’ll receive the video masterclasses PLUS our own onboarding template for you to customise in your business!

We saw more bookings after the show round, booked higher priced packages and increased 88% on the previous year!

– Claudia, Wedding Manager, Hilton UK


If we haven’t met before, I’m Kelly Mortimer.

With over 22 years in the global wedding industry and known for being the UK’s #1 Wedding Sales Expert. I help venues to create more revenue while streamlining their processes to save time and energy.

Having worked for big name brands such as Claridge’s, Rosewood, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Roco Forte and many more, you’re in safe hands.


Here’s how it works… 

  •  Receive the entire bundle instantly
  • Advanced steps we teach our clients who already sell at high levels
  • The exact steps leaving you clear and ready to implement
  • ..and you want to do something different to your competitors!


*BONUS You can use this purchase as a credit toward the Wedding Venue Academy -opening in 2023!


A day of well spent money.

We picked up 89 weddings which equates to several hundred thousand pounds worth of revenue.

– Bernice Heard, Head of MICE, Amaris Hospitality