These are some of the common questions I get asked by General Managers and Venue Owners when it comes to packages, pricing and up-sells:
  • What’s the best way to structure the packages to maximise sales and profit?
  • How many wedding packages is the ideal number?
  • How do we fill all the dates in our diary, not just the popular ones?
  • What’s the best way to raise average spend year on year?
  If you’ve ever asked yourself one (or all!) of these questions then read on as I am going to share with you some of the answers!   HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR WEDDING PACKAGE There are 3 main ways to create your packages. Each has pro’s and con’s and this is not a “one size fits all” answer, it will depend on your venue, price point and target market. A LA CARTE: This is not actually a package at all. A la carte pricing is where your couples create their day from scratch and every cost is broken down for them such as room hire, food and beverage. A la carte pricing often works best at higher end venues such as Claridge’s where couples are drawn by the name and brand and are less concerned with cost. Couples can find this difficult to work out the overall cost and when they have to work too hard at the beginning may turn them off your venue entirely. This usually means you’ll loose the enquiry before they make it in for a show round. If they do get in the door, then a good wedding coordinator can explain the a la carte format and at this point it can be attractive to couples as it feels as though they are creating a bespoke wedding. BOX PRICE: The box price is where everything is grouped together for a specific amount of guests. For example: £5,000 for 70 guests.  This will likely include room hire, food & beverage and possibly a few extras. This style is typically associated with lower cost venues or special offers. Couples do find this easy to understand as it clearly states the final cost, however they can feel restricted because of the set guest number even when you have options of adding guests. PRICE PER PERSON: This is where you have a price per guest and typically includes room hire, food, beverage and sometimes extras. This structure covers all venues from budget to luxury and is a safe choice if you’re unsure which package structure to choose. Couples find this style easy to understand while it is a package it doesn’t feel “budget”. The price per head means an overwhelmed engaged couple have had the ground work already done for them, remember its no invoice to them everything they will need!   Now the we have the structure covered the next steps are:
  • How many packages and exactly what to include to scientifically sell more of your most profitable package
  • Creating the perfect pricing structure to fill all your dates and guarantee an increase year on year
  • An easy up-sell strategy in place to boost average booking values that both you and your couples will love

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