Get it done! Be your most productive, happiest Wedding Pro CEO. All while growing your business AND delivering at world-class levels. It is achievable WITHOUT burnout, guilt or overwhelm. Let’s go.

Perhaps you feel…

If there could just be another day in the week then everything would be easier. Maybe you feel guilty about working in the school holidays instead of spending time with the kids, or you’re drowning under all the admin?

But you also want to grow…

And you’re wondering “How on earth do I grow sales, book more weddings and increase revenue when I am already on the back foot each week?!”

And when was the last time you…

Had cocktails with friends? Went away for a romantic weekend or just read a few pages of one of those books stacked up by your bed?

Right now these things may feel impossible with everything you have to do.

The timing will never be perfect and there will never be more time.


Is your first step to getting unstuck, taking back control of your time, life and business and achieving what you actually want.

Ask me Anything…

One of the most impactful thigns I offer my inner circle is “Office Hours’. A chance to drop into my office LIVE on Zoom and share their question or challenge.. And it’s not only my answer to them, it’s listening to everyone else ask quesitons you didn’t even kow you needed the answer to.

During Wedding CEO Week YOU are invited to ‘Office Hours’.

What to expect during Wedding CEO Week…


Using my personal 4D’s plan, you’ll start off instantly feeling in control and ready to tackle everything. Set up your week with me (no matter how much you have going on)


Zoom session to ask me anything. Real conversations, the opportunity to get my eyes on your business. Gold – even if you’re just listening to my feedback to other Wed Pros.


Productivity and accountability on steroids. Procrastination has nowhere to hide, you’ll be shocked at how much you achieve with my signature B&T sessions!

This is NOT about ‘clearing your schedule’ or doing more. We’ll work together with whatever challenges you have, to ensure you get done what needs to happen, while feeling more direction, happier and more productive than you’ve ever been before.

“When you’re working with Kelly everything starts coming together, it’s amazing!”

-Amanda , Celebrant

Built in Team…

Wedding business owners often feel isolated. Without like-minded people to share ideas, get feedback, hash out ideas and simply sit along side as they work. This week that changes my friend. Moving together as a team to achieve our goals, to-do list and show up in a new way.


Meet Oskar, in the photo above with me. You’ll see his face this week too! A super successful planner in Scotland and Associate Coach inside my inner circle: The Next Level.

Thrive & Grow

When you started your wedding business you found something that lit you up like a flipping christmas tree with passion and excitement. You loved helping couples with their weddings and you created a world of freedom to be your own boss. But somewhere along the way that’s changed. During CEO week we’re going to put you back in charge, find that excitement combined with the business so you can thrive and grow.

CEO Week is not…

It’s not about you ‘doing more’. (PHEW). It’s about having an amazing week, where we’re clear, calm, in control and we get it done – together. If you let it this week could be a pivitol moment you’ll look back on.

The timing will never be perfect and there will never be more time.


Is a taster of being inside my inner circle for 1 week. Spend just 1 week in my world and see what’s possible. I might just blow your mind.

Who’s your host?

Kelly Mortimer is one of the world’s leading voices when it comes to wedding industry training, sales & revenue. Having personally worked at and led teams for global brands such as Claridge’s in Mayfair, opening the 5* Rosewood London and Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. Dealing with celebrities, royalty and even the late Queen Elizabeth.

Now a well known speaker, trainer & consultant for wedding businesses globally.

Helping wedding business owners and global organisations to grow their revenue while creating businesses they and their teams love working in.

If you ‘don’t have time’ right now, then the Wedding CEO Week is the best decision you can make for yourself, your life and your business



Mon 3rd June: 

PLAN: Join me on zoom as we prepare for the best week of your year. Using my signature method you start your week feeling calm, in control and ready to take on the world! 

Tue 4th June: 

EDUCATIONAL: The hot topic of pricing is today’s session. I’ll be going deep on how to use pricing in your marketing to attract higher spend couples. Uncover how we increase rates without losing business and stop attracting couples who are the wrong budget for you.

Wed 5th June: 

ASK ME ANYTHING: During this 1 hour live zoom I’ll take questions directly from this week’s participants. Get my eyes on your packages, website or brochures. Ask me about your sales journey, lead generation or anything you know you need help with. I’ll take as many Q’s as possible during 60 mins. Don’t have a burning question? You’ll be astounded how much you pick up from listening to me give feedback to others. 

Thu 6th June:

ACTION: Join our ‘Block & Tackle’ sessions today to get things done! No training, no teaching, no planning. ALL IMPLEMENTATION. Feel part of a team as you see how much you can achieve – hosted by my TNL associate Coach & Wedding Planner Oskar Gilchrist-Grodnicki. It’s go time.


Wedding CEO Week


  • Starts Monday 3rd June 2024 with a full action plan done with you
  • 3 x LIVE zoom sessions  + 2 x action taking sessions
  • PLUS replays for catch up
  • £10 (YES you get the whole week for just £10!)


This event has now ended. Ensure you recieve our emails so you’ll be notified about the next event!

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You have Questions?
I have answers!

What are the dates?

Mon 3rd June: Live session + replay

Tues 4th June: Live session + replay

Wed 5th June: Live session + replay

Thu 6th June:  2 x action taking sessions, join 1 or both!

Who is this best suited for?

Wedding Business owners – Planners, venue leaders and vendors/suppliers such as florists, celebrants, photographers, entertainers etc. If you own a wedding business this will be hugely beneficial to you.

Where are the sessions hosted?

We will use Zoom for all sessions, replays, community and homework will be in a private, exclusive Facebook group.

– “What if I don’t use Facebook?”

You can set up a temporary free account or simply join the zooms without the other elements.


Why are you different from other sales trainers/coaches?

I have successfully increased revenue across 1000’s of businesses globally. Working for household names such as Claridge’s, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Hilton, Rosewood and many more.

Previously Group Wedding Sales Director for a group of 45 hotels and increasing revenue by multi-millions my methods have been tried and tested.

I’ve personally sold and planned weddings for over 20 years including events for The Queen and celebrities globally.

And run my own thriving company, while raising a small human, running a brilliant team and travelling the world doing what I love.

Which means you’re in safe hands!

Is this included for TNL members?

Good news! YES if you are inside TNL then as usual this is included for you.

TNL-ers get ‘access all areas’, meaning almost all our online paid sessions are included. TNL is my inner circle,  you get VIP treatment and it’s always the most cost effective way to work with me.

No need to purchase you will automatically be enrolled.

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