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Wedding Business:What can you sell now?

Are you wondering how to continue to take bookings? How to offer your products and keep serving the wedding couples you love? 


Perhaps you’re struggling to create an offer that people want right now to ensure cashflow?


If you’re a wedding business right now then it’s likely you’ve had these thoughts.


Over in The Next Level club we’ve been talking a lot about this recently. Creating offers and business models that aren’t affected by a lockdown or restrictions. Our Next Level community have come up with some incredible ideas and are selling right now!

Here are 3 ideas to get you thinking…

Hello Wedding Colleagues!

If we haven’t met before, my name is Kelly Mortimer and I help wedding business to drive enquiries, increase average spend and book more weddings. Keeping their businesses profitable while serving more of the couples they love.

Venues & Vendors I work with see increases of 45% -120%  on bookings after applying my strategies.

My story over 20 years includes some of the most well respected names in global hospitality such as Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental.

As seen in

1.Christmas Buying Mindset


As we slide into November people begin getting into a buyer mindset. Maybe they will spend less this year.

But they’ll still spend.

Can you package a selection of your services, products or programmes to create a Christmas gift? These should be marketed now as people are already buying!

Examples of gifts:


  • 1-2-1 Zoom sessions voucher (such as “1 hour kick start your planning” great for stylists and planners)
  • Year subscription, such as 12 bouquets, 1 per month for the year. Accessories or cookies. The buyer pays for the whole 12 and you deliver one per month.
  • An engagement photo shoot voucher
  • Hotel romance experiences including a suite, dinner and spa
  • First dance class choreography gift voucher
Christmas fire decor

2. Offline to Online

How can you move what you do to an online environment? Get creative with this!

Our industry is a problem solving, creative industry start asking HOW you can create online offers!



  • Wine Tasting Zoom sessions: Send the bottles or send instructions to buy their own and then have a sommelier or bar manager lead a zoom tasting. This could be as part of a Christmas party or just for a family!
  • Teach something: What skills, knowledge and experience do you have? How can you turn that into a course, consultation or 1-2-1 training. It might be to a client or to someone coming up behind you in your footsteps!
  • Memberships: Have you thought about building an online community. Memberships are one of the fastest growing ways to form online communities for learning, sharing or entertainment. 


Sommelier Old Course Hotel

3. Engagement Season

We typically see 40% of all engagements happening over Christmas, New Year & Valentines.

Most people want a romantic proposal, an instagrammable moment!

How can you help them make that happen?

Think about how you could create a space, décor, photographer all ready to go with a set price for someone to book! They’ll pay for the convenience!

Most people want to be romantic, they just don’t have the time or the ideas.

proposal ideas

And so, having taken a look at this do you belive there are things you could be offering right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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If you need more on this, as well as how to drive more enquiries, and book more clients then come and join us inside The Next Level Club.



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Photography Creation Bureau

Venues North Lakes, Cottons Hotel & Old Course Hotel

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