How to save time and be more productive inside your Wedding Business.

I get it. There are never enough hours in the day!

How do we balance the need to spend time on wedding lead generation while dealing with all the emails and needs of our booked couples?!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and time poor read on! I’m sharing a few of the things that will help you today.

At the end, leave a comment with which tip you loved the most!

Meet the Author

Hello! I’m Kelly. I help Wedding Businesses globally to raise their revenue and streamline their sales journey, making them more profitable so they can serve more of the couples they love without burning out..

I have spent over 22 years in the Wedding Industry. From destination weddings to luxury events in London including royalty, The Queen and Celebrities.

Working for world-wide companies and increasing their weddings by £Multi-Millions…

My story includes some of the most well respected names in hospitality such as Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental.

If you want to raise your revenue without overwhelm take a look at The Next Level – my inner circle of global Wedding Pro’s for the next steps. We’d love to help you create amazing results.

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There is no such thing as Time Management. Sorry!

We all have the same 24hrs in one day.

But some people are more productive than others, right?

We can’t manage time. But we can manage our focus, energy and productivity. AND that my friend is what I’m going to share with you here.

No fluff, practical, actionable tips. So you can ditch the overwhelm and start living a better life every day. Big claims I know. Let’s go.

[KM PRO NOTE: This blog is for everyone from planners, to suppliers to venues. Ask yourself how could each suggestion work in your business? And avoid the default response “That won’t work for me”]


Block & Tackle. My favourite way to ensure I maximise my time. Did you know that most successful people don’t use a to-do list [Gasp! Don’t send me hate mail!]

Instead of that pesky list that mostly makes us feel more anxiety and overwhelm, try this instead:

1. Get your calendar [paper or digital] and your current to-do list.

2. Take your tasks on your to-do list and allocate time to each item. Literally write down how long each thing will take you. [If any go over 60 minutes break it into separate tasks.]

3. Now write a deadline next to each item on the to-do list.

4. Take each task and put it on your calendar. Just like you would a client meeting or call. Block the amount of time you have said it will take. Ensuring the task is on a date before the deadline.

5. Screw up your to-do list and throw it joyfully into the bin.

Now you have BLOCKED time to TACKLE each task. Alleviating the anxiety – your brain feels happier with a plan!

[KM PRO TIP: Inside The Next Level we do Block & Tackle together. We hop on zoom a couple times per month as a team. Commit to what we want to get done and then we work! This co-working formula is like productivity on sterioids. Our members love how much they get done in under 60 mins!]

Taking breaks means you get MORE done. Honestly.

How often do we just keep going and going? The endless emails and overwhelm means we skip lunches and ignore our brain fog.


Here’s how your brain works best: Sprints & Breaks.


Remember we can’t manage time, but we can manage our energy and focus.


”Try setting a timer every 60 minutes to remind yourself to take 5 minutes. The key is what you DO with that 5 minutes to really see optimal results. Here’s a couple of things that work really well:


  1. If you sit down a lot go for a walk. Around the office, up and down the stairs, literally anything to get the blood moving. Blood carries oxygen to your brain. This will help lift the fog and get everything moving again.

If you run around/stand most of the day then sit down! Take the weight off!


  1. Go outside (or if impossible at least look outside!). There is a lot of evidence that looking at anything natural such as trees, plants, grass, the sky has a calming effect on our brains. Ever wondered why gardeners always seem so jolly?


[KM PRO TIP: If you start ‘Block & Tackle’-ing from Tip 1 then you’ll naturally see how this 5 mins fits effortlessly into your calendar between tasks!]

I know for some of you, your blood ran cold!

How could you possibly switch OFF your email??


Only for short times – promise.


If you’re following the Block & Tackle then one thing that will supercharge your success is to turn off distractions.


How often have you been in the middle of something a little complicated, fully focused and in the flow of work. Then an email pops up [PING!].


“Ohh hello new shiny email with a question I can answer quickly and feel sooooo helpful!”


Suddenly we’re off answering that email and NOT doing the important task at hand!


Why? Because we want the quick win, it feels like another thing off the list if we just answer that email. And because we want a break from the big important task.


Here’s the real issue:

Getting your brain back into the flow takes MUCH longer than you think! Argh! So now that task is going to take you more time and effort.


Focus on one task at a time. Turn off email for short periods of time to be way more productive.

This is gold in your business. The right ‘Welcome Pack’ can achieve 3 EPIC things for you. This isn’t a contract which couples don’t like to read and isn’t sexy.  See it more as a Wedding Planning Pack! Oooh now that’s something our couples will value!


✅ TIME: Saves you time by answering the questions that you repeat day in day out! I see you typing the same thing to each client every day! You’re wasting valuable time. Put it all into a welcome pack.


✅ POSITIVE EXPERIENCE: Starts your clients experience with you in a super positive way! Once they pay the deposit receiving the Welcome Pack gets them excited, gives them something tangible and they associate those positive feelings with your business!


✅ AVOIDS ISSUES: Inside this pack you also help couples understand every detail such as when you have meetings or calls with them and what to expect and when. Look at your business, where do couples get confused or misunderstand something? Add that in to the pack to avoid problems before they arise!



So how to do this?


Simply sit down and write it into a word doc.

All the questions and all the answers.

Later hop over to to make it look pretty.

Download your PDF and you’re ready to go. Boom.


Some of us, as wedding professionals have this very specific problem: We spend lot’s of time confirming the couple, we’re on emails, meetings and calls to secure their booking.


But then…


As the wedding is 18 months away everything goes quiet! We don’t need to speak to them again until closer to the date.


This makes the couple feel ‘ghosted’ after they pay their deposit. In addition they are wanting that connection with you and so maybe sending emails with seemingly small or trivial questions. Taking up your time.


The solution? Send  monthly emails to all your booked couples. a group email. You write ONE email to everyone.

BUT… for data protection and to make it professional use an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Active Campaign. Here you can use e-newsletter templates to brand and design beautiful communications that go out each month.


What would you include? Tips, new ideas, industry news, meet he team, meet the fellow supplier, upgrades or upsells, seasonal info. Think of this like a monthly check in and catch up!


Do they know it’s a newsletter to everyone? Yes.

Do they like it anyway? OF COURSE!

Does it make you extra revenue from the upsells? HELL YEAH!

[KM PRO TIP: I know this technical stuff can feel out of your comfort zone. But like anything, once you know how to use it it’s simple. That’s why inside The Next Level we show our members exactly how to set up their email marketing and even what to write!]

If you have run out of time and you can’t make more of it then you’ve got to get help. Outsourcing is your new favourite word.


And it’s never been easier. Remote freelancers are available. No long term, full time commitment required.


This can actually make you MORE money. Don’t see it as a cost.


Let’s say your average booking value is £3,000.

If you’re doing tasks that you can pay someone £10 an hour to do but you’re doing it instead of growing your revenue, then spending £10 means you’re free to attract and convert more £3,000 bookings. The £10 task lots of people can do. The £3,000 booking only YOU can do.


What could you get help with?


⭐ Cleaning your house / laundry / ironing / childcare

⭐ Office admin / invoices / contracts / booking forms

⭐ Social Media content creation and management

⭐ Facebook / Google ads

⭐ Techy stuff on your website or sales pages


 You have to make space for the growth. If you’re so busy DOING you won’t be able to grow and the overwhelm wwill suck your passion and your time.




What do 99% of super successful people do? They take control of their days. They set daily, weekly, monthly actions and goals.


Break these into projects and tasks. The tasks get time blocks on your calendar (back to step 1!)

Most people just don’t do this.


They live in firefighting mode, dealing with what’s coming at them instead of taking control of their day and their time.


Today, give yourself 5 minutes just to THINK.


Look at your diary for next week and take control of it. Block the times and set the goals.


I promise you’ll start to feel calmer, more in control and less overwhelmed.


[And remember to let me know how you got on!]

Your Mission…

It’s the implementation that drives results.

Find just ONE thing you can do from this article, commit to it AND tell me in the comments below.

Simply writing it down means you’re 42% more likely to do it. I’ll take those odds!

See you next time, Kelly


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