Urgh the dreaded question:


“What’s your price?”


For many of us in the wedding industry we can find this question awkward.


  • We don’t want to be ‘salesy’
  • We want to explain about all the various complicated options
  • We don’t want to scare them off before they understand what they get


We find it hard to answer!


If you feel any of these things keep reading as I’ll explore what’s going on and some of the ways we can overcome it!

Hello Wedding Industry Friend!

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1. They don’t know what else to ask


Remember your wedding couple is likely very new at the whole wedding planning game. They’ve only just started, and they’ve heard horror stories of venues & vendors riping people off.


So what they do know about is price. They know they have a budget and they want as much value for their buck as possible. And that is one of the first thing’s to realise.


Our couples don’t wake up and think “I want the cheapest venue I can find!” no one really wants the cheapest as they know that will likely be the worst! But they do want VALUE.


They want a florist who will not only does a great job, but they will feel they ‘maximised’ that part of the budget.


So, they email you and say “What’s your price?”


And your heart sinks!


But remember, they don’t know what else to ask.


 2. Price is about context


The problem with price is it’s all about context. Which means it depends what you actually get for that price.

For example, if I said to you “Is £97 a lot of money? You’d say depends what it’s for!”

£97 for a Ferrari is super cheap.

£97 for plastic toy car. Not so good value!


When I work with venues & vendors I show them a specific framework that allows them to streamline their offering, cover each section of their market from budget to super high end AND all while being very upfront and honest about price.

So remember you have to be able to show the client clearly and simply what they can expect at various price points.

 3. Price is not usually the final deciding factor.


Eeeek there I said it! It’s not always about price.


Couples will choose you if they feel a connection, in safe hands and they are confident you can deliver a product or service that will add massive value to their wedding.


Wedding couples ,more than most consumers, need to feel in the hands of an expert. They need you to guide them in your area of expertise.


And so, when we’re dealing with our couples right from the first communication, we want to work on connecting with them.


There is a simple principle at play:


The more they like you, the more likely they are to buy from you.



Our couples need you to guide them (they don’t know what to ask).

They need your pricing to be easy to understand and really show the VALUE of one option to another (context).

When they feel the value of your product and service is superior that’s when the decision is not about who is the cheapest!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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