There are many steps to driving your wedding venue bookings and revenue, but there is ONE critical factor that touches almost every step and it is either creating more bookings or turning people off your venue. This magical ingredient is your imagery.



Your imagery is on your website, online listing, social media and brochures. It is the reason a couple click onto your listing or stay and read more on your website. Without the correct imagery your potential couple will never even read a single word you wrote or what you include in your packages because they have been put off at step 1.

Your images show what brides and grooms can expect their wedding to look like and if it doesn’t match the vague (and sometimes not so vague) ideas they have then you simply won’t be considered.

With the rise of social media coupes now have the ability to research looks and styles within seconds. Type in “#weddinginspo” into Instagram and you’ll get 6 million images pop up for you to start creating your dream wedding.



Most venues are using images from real weddings. A couple who have (most likely) never planned an event, let alone a wedding, and have no experience in styling are now responsible for your sales and marketing imagery. Let me say that again: A novice has put together an event, often on a budget and we are now using those images to sell more weddings.

In addition the imagery is heavily focused on the couple and their families so we can barely see the actual product: The venue.

If we have put a shoot together in the past it is often using the wrong chairs, props, flowers and decor.

Your imagery doesn’t look anything like what they see on social media, it is actually putting your couples off enquiring with you.



A well planned, correctly styled photo shoot. As the experts in hospitality and events it is us as hoteliers and venue owners who should know how to make our spaces look their very best. Using props and decor that are on trend enough to compete with Instagram but not so trendy we will be out of fashion in 12 months. These images now do 2 very exciting things:

  1. MORE ENQUIRIES: They generate more enquires. Now your venue looks like the images they see on social media and it’s actually attracting them to you. No matter what your venue looks like.
  2. HIGHER SPEND: The couples with higher budgets are now being drawn to you. You are showing them aspirational looks which means couple with more money start considering you as an option.



If you’re not sure your team can deliver a fully styled photo shoot that genuinely achieves more enquiries and higher spends simply get in touch. We can either teach your team how to do this, or arrange the whole photo shoot for you. Drop me a message for a relaxed, no hard sell chat:


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