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Are you:

➡️ Th

➡️  Mostly attracting low spend, low budget couples but know you’re worth more

➡️ Or maybe you’ve just lost motivation recently and need a clear plan of action!

The Next Level | Wedding Industry Strategy

Group monthly membership programme

Well spent money! We picked up several hundred thousand pounds worth of revenue!

Bernice Heard,

Head of M&E, Amaris Hospitality

When you join today, you get INSTANT access to… 

☑️ Email Sales Masterclass: Increase your responses & results

☑️ Easy to buy Masterclass: My proven formula to sell more at higher rates

☑️ Upsell Strategy: You & your couples will love

☑️ Pinterest for Business Masterclass

☑️ Wedding Buyers Mindset: How today’s couples buy!

☑️PR: How to get featured in the media

☑️ Google Analytics Session

☑️ Mailchimp & Email Marketing Masterclasses

☑️ 3 Steps to Venue Tours that Sell! Masterclass!

☑️ Advanced Instagram Masterclass to drive business

☑️Facebook Ads Masterclass

☑️ Website Sales Journey: The Frame work to ensure your online journey converts!

☑️ Canva Masterclass: Create professional collateral and social post graphics

☑️ Create & Sell your own online products (Such as courses or 1-2-1 Zoom sessions)

☑️ SEO Masterclass: Get found in search results!

☑️ Lead Magnets: Attract and connect with more clients

⭐️ *LIVE Active community: Networking, Co-Working & Support with other wedding pro’s from around the world.

⭐️ *LIVE Zoom sessions: Ask your questions, get help, my eyes on your business.

 ⭐️ *LIVE Goal setting, Planning and Review to keep you taking action!

…And SO much More!

PLUS! Live sessions and Q&A’s  to keep you focused, motivated and taking action!

This has definitely been one of the best things I’ve done this year!  

Dimitria Jordan, Luxury Wedding Stationery

Hello, I’m Kelly Mortimer and I have just the thing for you!

The Next Level is a monthly group programme. Where I share my proven strategy that drives wedding revenue. It has worked time and time again, no matter what country my clients are in or what they sell.

From venues, to planners to florists and more.

Why does it work across the board?

Because the one thing in commmon is the buyer: The Wedding Couple.

Each month you’ll master a new step of the strategy while having the support to implement the stages.

You are the best investment I have ever made!

Tatiana Porembova, Couture Bridal

What to expect inside

1️⃣ STRATEGY  My signature methods to attract, convert and book more weddings. Tried and tested and working for 100’s of businesses globally.

2️⃣ ACTION  Real support and knowledge for you to take action. This isn’t just theory, we’re moving forwward in our revenue & bookings.

3️⃣ COMMUNITY  A wonderful group of like-minded wedding industry people to bounce ideas, find support and collaborations. 


How inspiring and educational the first two sessions have been!

I have learned more in 2hrs with you than I have learned in 16 years of running our business!

Lucy Shone, The Good Food Catering Company

Why me?

I’ve helped 100’s of businesses who needed to drive wedding bookings and revenue.

The only wedding expert globally to have succesfully increased revenue repeatedly across  multi-property businesses and by £multi-millions.

I have tried and tested every detail over and over again.

Personally developing my strategy for the wedding industry.

And it works

wedding venue consultant

Featured in

☑️ Previously Group Wedding Sales Director for 45 hotels and a team of 50 while raising revenue by £multi Millions.

☑️ 10 years destination weddings across The Caribbean, Asia and Europe. 

☑️ Working for the most prestigious 5* luxury hotels in the world: Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental

More bookings after the showround, booked higher packages and we’ve seen an increase of 88% on new bookings this year compared to last year!

Claudia, Hilton St Anne's

A monthly LIVE group programme for wedding professionals who want to 

attract, convert and book more weddings . 


Training video trainings to help you to generate enquiries, attract higher spend couples, convert and book weddings. 

Exclusive Facebook group for community, support, questions and real time feedback

Weekly LIVE Q&A’s to keep you moving forward

Hot Seats Randomly chosen for 1-2-1 sessions to accelerate your progress!


Aside from being a phenomenal educator, marketing expert and business woman, what I admire most about  Kelly Mortimer is her integrity and kindness.

Linda Camp, Owner, Barton Court Venue

Are YOU ready to take ACTION?

If you’re ready to take positive steps. Following a proven strategy. Specifically for the wedding market and working with me month on month, risk free then click now to enrol in the Next Level Membership.

You can cancel at anytime if you decide it’s not for you.

But I am 100% confident that the Next Level will work for you.

LIMITED TIME: 1st month 50% off! Use Coupon Code: BF50

I have learnt lots and lots from your email and website modules.
They have helped me dramatically!
Monica Walker, Creative Director M Flair Hair Artistry, Australia

Join The Next Level Today!

Risk free. Cancel Anytime.

Pay ONLY for the time you’re inside.

LIMITED TIME: 1st month 50% off!

Use Coupon Code: BF50

LIMITED TIME: 1st month 50% off! Use Coupon Code: BF50

What do some of our members say?

Join The Next Level Today!

Risk free. Cancel Anytime.

Pay ONLY for the time you’re inside.

LIMITED TIME: 1st month 50% off!

Use Coupon Code: BF50

I would recommend this as there is so much more to selling weddings than just a brochure – psychology plays the biggest part. Very engaging!

Helen Drake, The Wiltshire Hotel.




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