Social media: Love it or hate you can’t ignore it.

Knowing the stats behind the social networks can enable you to create a strategy giving focused targeting of your ideal clients.

However, wedding venues just like yours tell me repeatedly the main problem is not having the time to come up with interesting, engaging content every day. Read on, we’re going to look at why you need this, how to do it and how to save precious time


Did you know? 

96% of brides and grooms are stalking you on social media. Before they choose to make an enquiry, during the show rounds and throughout the planning. Your social media presence has a huge influence on their decision making.

142 is the average number of minutes per day we all spend on the various platforms. Over 2 hours! Imagine being able to talk to your potential and existing clients every single day? You can.

6 seconds: There is a new social media user every 6 seconds. This is growing and if you aren’t using the platforms correctly then you are missing business.


How do you Maximise it?

There are 2 key fundamentals:

  1. Keep showing up consistently. Every single day.
  2. Produce content that your ideal client is actually interested in

Social media is a conversion, we want to engage with our followers otherwise it’s always a one sided conversation: Us talking and them listing – no one likes that!  Plus with out getting in too deep, the more engagement (likes / comments / shares) the more the algorithm thinks your post is interesting and pushes it in front of more viewers. Now we’re talking.


Content that helps your audience know, like and trust you

A mistake many venues make is simply selling on every post or only talking about the things they want to say, rather than thinking about what their audience want to hear. So what are the basics of good content? They fall into 5 catagroies:

  1. Introduction: Meeting you, meeting your team, understanding why and how you do what you do. How did you get started in the industry? What are some of the things you love or hate? We need to get to know you and everyone at the venue.
  2. Behind the scenes: Show us what goes on in your business and the some of your day to day tasks that help you achieve amazing weddings. To you this might be boring but we all love to see behind closed doors, lets your audience in while building your brand and helping us get to like you.
  3. Tips & Tutorials: The world of weddings is an exciting and almost limitless topic when it comes to tips. These posts share your expertise and knowledge while genuinely help your followers. They don’t know what you know and when you share value posts you help them to trust you.
  4. Testimonials: We need to see that other couples have loved your venues and had an incredible experience! Testimonials come in 2 main forms: A screen shot of an on line review or hand written note which holds lots of weight as we can see the actual feedback. However they are often too long and people can’t be bothered to read it. The second way is to create a graphic using 1 or 2 sentences so that information is absorbed by your followers.
  5. Call To Action: Now we get to sell! When we have given a mix of the other forms of content then dropping in the sales posts won’t feel so “salesy”! We can do a couple of things with this one: State clearly a package or special and exactly how much it costs and what your audience needs to do next. Or give a more gentle call to action such as signing up to a mailing list or calling your wedding coordinator or booking a show round.


The Strategy

So this is all great but you still don’t have time to come up with this awesome content everyday, here’s a few things you can do.

PLAN: Instead of doing it daily, block a time once a week to plan out the content for the next 7 days, actually write it down and have any accompanying images. During the week take photos and videos that relate to one of the 5 categories above and when you get to the end of the week you’ll be able match it up to your posts. Then each day it will only take a few minutes to actually post.

PRE SCHEDULE: There are many apps that allow you to pre-schedule your content. So as above you plan what you will post and then load it all up in one go and technology will do the rest. Be careful here, you’ll need to check in to answer any comments that arise – social media should be about relationship building and conversations. If you ignore people when they comment they’re unlikely to comment again.

DAILY PROMPT: If you spend time coming up with the ideas and want a daily prompt that follows a proven strategy for your audience to get to KNOW, LIKE & TRUST you then simply  << click here >> to start receiving my social media strategy into your in box every day.  It saves you time and effort while actually having a system to your posts.


If you found this post useful do share the link with colleagues and on social media.

Happy posting!


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