47,000 Couples need this package: Mini-Moon

In this article you’ll learn about a super opportunity for hotels and accommodation based businesses happening right now. The wedding industry has been seriously impacted but now the opportunities are there and this is just one of the ways to keep serving couples. In this article you’ll see:

  1. What is a Mini-Moon
  2. What to include
  3. Romantic ideas list
  4. How to market it

So if you’re ready to offer couples what they need right now then read on!

About the Author

If we haven’t met before, my name is Kelly Mortimer and I help wedding businesses to drive enquiries, increase average spend and book more weddings. Keeping their businesses profitable while serving more of the couples they love. 

My clients see increases of 45% -120%  on bookings after applying my strategies.

1. What is a Mini-Moon?

A short break, stay or holiday to celebrate immediately after the wedding. Saving the main honeymoon for a later date.

This is not a new invention. Last year 47,000 couples booked one!

Putting off the main honeymoon has various factors at play. Sometimes budget and needing to save again after the wedding, time of year depending on their preferred location and then simply not having enough time with the planning wedding and then an extended holiday.

With the rise in post wedding blues, it also allowed couples to enjoy the wedding and then still have something to look forward to in the coming months!


Now, with the global situation couples are hosting small ceremonies now + mini moon with a traditional wedding + honeymoon next year. Some couples who aren’t having any celebrations this year still want to mark the origional wedding date with a special occasion such as a mini-moon!

3. What to include?

Couples want romance! 

But here’s the thing: Most of us simply aren’t that great at coming up with the ideas and then organising them! That’s where you step in.

Your Mini-Moon package needs to be more than just a normal stay it needs to have the romance added in (see the next section for a few ideas to get your romantic side flowing!)

We need 3 main elements:

Accommodation 3 nights is usually the ideal. Think about an upgraded room or view rather than standard.


F&B. As a minimum include breakfast and where possible a breakfast in bed at least on the first day. If you have the facilities include one 3-course dinner and wine (you can allocate amounts as you do with other packages) 


Romance Add in the romantic touches so it doesn’t feel like the same stay everyone else has booked. Think about when you go to a spa and they package a few treatments together and put a price on it. Doesn’t that feel so much easier and nicer to book than everything separately? Take the leg work out of it for your couples and package in the romance.


3. Romance Ideas List

Each of your properties will have different facilities and strengths, so pick 2-3 to include that work for your team and venue. Remember you will build the cost into the package.


PICNIC Create a basket with some lovely food options along with wine or bubbles and a blanket. If you have grounds then you might set it up for them, if not have a spot you suggest at a nearby park and simply have the items ready for them to collect.


COOKING LESSON. If your hotel has a Chef who’s great with guests this can be a super activity. Guests always want to access areas others cannot, so a chance to spend an hour with the head chef in the kitchen can be a fun addition to the package. Think about the dish or dishes he might show them, are they aphrodisiacs to further enhance the romantic nature of the class? Can 2 aprons be included for them to have as a keepsake. Will they sit down and enjoy their creations with a glass of wine after the class?


MASSAGE CLASS You could include the usual couples massage and spa but how about having the senior therapists teach the couple how to massage each other?! It’s much more romantic and gives them some new skills to take away after they leave.


DINNER FOR 2 If your hotel has an outside gazebo area (that you may use for wedding ceremonies) consider if this would make a romantic setting for an evening meal with personal butler. Some lanterns and a beautifully set table under the gazebo can really add a special memory from their stay. Ideally create a special menu for couples to pre order.


WINE TASTING Wine tasting is always popular! Studies show that in the last year wine related tours and holidays have increased by a massive 30%! If you don’t have a sommelier, a charismatic bar tender or wine loving team member can be a great host for this activity! Even better is if you can find a unique location, if you happen to have a lovely old wine cellar then be sure to set it up in there – it’s all about the ambience!

4. How to Market

Be sure to sell the benefits! All the ideas and creativity has been done for them, no need for the couple to design their romantic get away, it’s been taken care of, the only thing for them to do is book.

Add in a foot note, that this package is not only for mini-mooners, to capture guests looking for a couples retreat, birthday surprise or even proposal package.

Walk them through the whole experience…

 Lay it out so they can see how it looks over the 3 days, example:


Check in and arrival champagne

3 course dinner in our restaurant La Terraza


Picnic hamper with Afternoon-Tea & champagne


Massage class with our senior therapist

Followed by relaxing in our jacuzzi, sauna & steam

Now, don’t you feel tempted into booking a mini-moon after that?


More couples than ever are now looking for short romantic breaks. These Mini-Moons are sometimes in place of the origional wedding date or honeymoon and gives them a wonderful experience while they wait for the main event!


I hope you enjoyed this article!

Now I’d love to hear from you…

Which was your biggest takeaway from this?

Do feel you could easily create a Mini-Moon Package now?


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