This week you can increase the spend on your upcoming weddings with just a few minutes of your time.

Want to know how? Read on!

Before I explain step by step how we’re going to do this, first lets first look at our couples:

? Around 50% of couples go over their wedding budget (HA! I am sure it’s much higher, but that’s how many admitted it on the survey!)
? Most couples go over in the last 6 weeks before the wedding, not at point of contract.
? As we get closer to the wedding day an extra few hundred pounds to have the perfect wedding is a drop in the ocean after the thousands spent.

We’re helping them to buy.
We’re not going to be pushy, sleazy sales people because no one likes that. 


1. Choose something specific to offer your couples. This might be chivari chairs, night before rehearsal dinner, light up letters, midnight munchies, gin station, doughnut wall or a million other things you can sell. Choose ONE to THREE options.


2. Put an exact price on it. Don’t make people ask for the price, know what it is exactly. (Yes I know everyone has different guest numbers so how can you quote for chairs: 1-50 chivari chairs £XX  /51-100 Chivari chris £XX. Rehearsal dinner? Choose how many people: 8 people for a 3 course dinner = £XX. Donut wall? 100 doughnuts £XX price.)


3. Tell them.  Create an email written in a helpful and informative way, not in a “salesy” way. Just use your normal tone and language and say these are some of the most popular details our recent couples have been enjoying at their weddings. Or let them know you have something *NEW* if you haven’t mentioned this thing before. Tell them what it is, how much it costs AND how they book. i.e. “Reply to this email to add the doughnut wall to your wedding reception.” Send this email to your couples getting married in the next 8 weeks. If you have a photo include this in the email as it will help couples envisage the item even better! Just remember to send it to yourself and blind copy your couples (data protection!).


If you have 2 weddings every week for the next 8 weeks, that’s 16 weddings.

If 16 weddings spent an extra £250 each thats another £4,000 revenue!


Go go go! Find something to sell and help your couples to buy it!


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