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How to get more Wedding Couples taking action from your website. 

Today, your website is one of the most CRITICAL factors in your sales journey.

 Picture your wedding couple, let’s call them Sam & Chloe. Sam & Chloe are Millennials. They sit on their sofa between 9pm – midnight browsing websites of venues and vendors/suppliers to find the perfect team for their wedding.  

They are stalkers.

They do not pick up the phone and call you, they don’t even email you.

They make a judgement about you purely based on your website. 

 But the reality is most wedding businesses are making big mistakes on their website.

 Instead of attracting wedding couples like Sam & Chloe, and helping them move to the next step (make an enquiry or book a tour) they are actually putting them off.

 Sam lands on your website gives you a few seconds, scrolls a bit makes a snap decision and then either moves on or settles down to investigate further.

 One of my clients told me she thought if a couple made it to her website they would automatically hit the “enquire now” button. But this could not be more wrong.


Right here, on your website, you have a chance to convert couples or not.

In this article I’ll share 3 things you can start working on today to get your website converting more wedding couples to the next step.


Hello Wedding Colleagues!

If we haven’t met before, my name is Kelly Mortimer and I help wedding business to drive enquiries, increase average spend and book more weddings. Keeping their businesses profitable while serving more of the couples they love.

Venues & Vendors I work with see increases of 45% -120%  on bookings after applying my strategies.

My story over 20 years includes some of the most well respected names in global hospitality such as Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental.

As seen in


It’s important to know your numbers. As with any other part of your business.

You track number of enquires and bookings right?

So we also need to track visitors to our website.

And their movements.

And where they came from.

How will you know if the changes you make are working?



This is one of the quickest, easiest changes you can make today! My clients always map out their sales journey in clear steps. You have to know exactly what you want couples to do at each stage. If you don’t know, trust me, they don’t know either!

Back to Sam & Chloe, they landed on your website what is the ideal next step for them to take? I’d avoid simply having them email you to “make an enquiry” – this is rarely the correct next step in your business. It might be:


  • Book a phone call
  • Book a Zoom call
  • Book a meeting/ tour


If you’re currently thinking ‘that wouldn’t work in my business’ because they need to contact you to understand your service or pricing – then you don’t have a website problem you have a pricing problem! And for sure if they have to contact you to understand your services then you are losing potential couples right now.  More on that another day.


We buy with our eyes. Images are everything. We’re too lazy and time poor to read very much now (how many times do you scan over webpages, emails and even this article if there are too many words?!)

The images on your website need to make your couple stop in their tracks. They need to be not only your hero shots but also communicate what you do.

Here’s an example: Sam & Chloe land on your website for your venue. They see beautiful photos a bride in a field, they see wonderful flowers and 2 grooms close up. What Sam & Chloe can’t see is what you’re actually selling: The venue. Show the product not just a bunch of pretty photos.

It’s the same for Vendors & Suppliers, Show your best work as quickly as possible so we can see aspirational weddings and have no doubt what you do.  

Think about the way Harrods creates epic window displays – all designed to make us stop walking and look.


These images are to get your couples to stop scrolling and look.



Research tells us we don’t like to click anymore. We prefer to scroll.

Sam & Chloe scroll on Instagram. On Facebook and TikTok. They are used to scrolling – it’s habit.


Most wedding websites offer lot’s of ‘click here’ options. BIG mistake.

By having longer pages you are able to control the journey. In which order your couples gets the key information, when they are shown pricing, how many images are in between.

If you offer them a huge menu bar (+ more on a drop down – delete that now!) then 2 things are happening:


1] You aren’t in control of their experience. Very likely they’ll just go straight to price. Which means they haven’t understood your work or what you offer.

2] You’ve given too much choice. It’s human nature that the more choice you give the less likely people are to take any action at all.


Which means you want to make your pages longer, putting information in a strategic order that maximises the couples journey and then leads them to that one clear next step. No fuss, no confusion.


Guess what? Sam & Chloe actually enjoy this experience so much more. They get an instant first impression of how easy and clear it is to work with you and they’re wowed by your work. There’s nothing left for them to do but take the ‘Next Step’ which you’ve clearly explained.  


Having taken a look at this do you believe your website is a lean, mean conversion machine?

Tell me your thoughts below now, how many of these mistakes are you making?



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