stop getting ghosted

How do you get more Wedding Couples responding to your emails?

You know the ones I mean. They sent you an enquiry, you responded and then…

Crickets! Radio silence! You never hear from them again!

In a world where being ‘ghosted’ is the new normal, how do we get wedding couples to engage with us on the first email response?

Are you wasting a lot of time answering enquiries, not hearing back and then more time chasing?

Argh! I feel your pain and I used to be in the same situation.

Until I tried and tested various formats, formulas and frameworks to see which type of email and content actually got my wedding couples responding!

In this article I’ll share with you 5 of the big mistakes I see wedding professionals making in their email communication!

Hello Wedding Colleagues!

If we haven’t met before, my name is Kelly Mortimer and I help wedding business to drive enquiries, increase average spend and book more weddings. Keeping their businesses profitable while serving more of the couples they love.

Venues & Vendors I work with see increases of 45% -120%  on bookings after applying my strategies.

My story over 20 years includes some of the most well respected names in global hospitality such as Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental.

As seen in


Let’s be honest, in today’s world our attention spans are pretty short.

We’re scrolling hours of well crafted (and sometimes not so well crafted) social media. Bombarded with images, and marketing messages.

And that’s all before we sat down to watch Netflix while keeping one eye on Facebook.

What this means is your opening line in your email response has to have some emotion, excitement and actually make the couple want to keep reading the rest!

So if you’re starting your email like every other wedding prof in the world with:

❌ “Congratulations on your engagement and thank you for your enquiry…”

Your couple might just have disengaged at the first sentence.

Wedding industry mistake



Yes the response email needs to contain some actual information but that doesn’t mean emotion goes out the window. If you’ve been in my community for a while you’ll have heard me say this before:


Couples BUY on emotion then JUSTIFY with logic.


Filling your email full of ‘logical’ information won’t actually get you to the next step. I know that doesn’t sound logical but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true!


So you’re filling the email full of “helpful details’ is one of the reasons you’re not booking more weddings

emotion v logic


Remember the exact part of the sales journey we’re currently in: Your couple has emailed for the first time and you’re sending the very first response. You absolutely, without exception, cannot send this email without having a crystal-clear next step for them to follow.

If you do not have a deposit you need a next step!


So if you’re including any of these phrases in your email I’ll bet my last pound you’re not giving a clear next step:

❌ “I’d be delighted to show you the venue, please let me know when you’d like to book a tour?”

❌ “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me”

❌ “I look forward to hearing from you”


These phrases are: 

Generic fluff, not a clear next step and everyone is saying it! All of which means they are doing nothing for your sales journey!


wedding sales tips



How do you feel when you receive a long email full of heaps of text? I’ll bet you do one of 2 things:


  1. Scan it fast looking for the key info but not really reading
  2. Open it, think I’ll read it later. Close it. Never read it again.


Newsflash, your wedding couples are doing the same! Which means if your email response is not just the right size it’s not even being read!




Not all of your emails get opened. Whaaaaaat? I hear you cry!


Picture your wedding couples inbox, it looks a lot like yours. Crammed like a London tube train pre-covid.

If your subject box is one of the standard:


❌ Wedding Enquiry

❌ Your Wedding

❌ Weddings at The Grand Hotel


Then I am afraid you might not even be getting opened, let alone read. Meaning your chances of a response are nil to zero.




Having taken a look at 5 mistakes wedding profs make in their enquiry response emails… How many are you making?

Can you see why your response emails aren’t compelling couples to respond? Meaning you feel ‘ghosted’, the couple never take the next step and you lose another wedding booking?


Tell me your thoughts below now, how many of these mistakes are you making?




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  1. Theresa

    Most interesting! I spotted 1 I tend to make!🥴🤣😁

  2. Janette (Jenny) Butler-Grech

    Thank you Kelly, your comments are certainly thought provoking. I love your energy and take on matters that I know I overlook. Warm regards

  3. Martin

    Thanks for that, very helpful. I think I do all of the mistakes 😱

  4. Thomas Fothringham

    Very interesting to read. I was guilty of 1, 2,, 3 and 5!


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