Easy to Buy

Most Wedding Businesses want to either drive MORE bookings or increase their prices and attract higher spend couples.

Of course the question is how do you increase rates while still driving more bookings AND without losing the bookings already coming in!

I get it. 

You want

⇒ To drive up conversion of the leads already coming in

⇒ To increase your prices in practical way that doesn’t damage the business

⇒ To start attracting higher spend couples

⇒ To stop wasting time with couples who cannot afford you



Learn my signature system: Easy to Buy.
How to streamline what you offer, increase the price and make it so much easier for couples to buy from you!
Stop dropping your rates and negotiating with clients who can’t afford you!

Who this bundle is for…


  • Wedding Suppliers & Vendors
  • Wedding Planners & Celebrants
  • Wedding Venues


What to expect…


  • 2 x  training sessions (approx 2hrs)
  • The truth around packages v bespoke options: What works and how to do it!
  • How to increase your rates (almost) overnight, without losing bookings
  • My proven method for increasing average spend per wedding that is enjoyable
  • Easy way to create irresistible offerings, packages and bundles using any-one-can-do psychology
  • Learn the secrets of how to show your pricing in a specific way that creates more sales!
  • Discover the real reason higher spend couples pass you by and critically, how to stop that happening after this programme!
  • Realise why you may feel so burnt-out constantly quoting for couples that never book and what to do instead

Hosted by Kelly Mortimer

Globally recognised as the UK’s #1  Wedding Industry Speaker & Trainer

Here’s how it works… 

  • Instantly recieve the 2 part video masterclass (approx 2 hours)
  • Exact steps of how to increase your price, start attracting higher spend couples and skyrocket your averge spend per booking.
  • Perfect if you’re ready to streamline your time & energy and see better results

[*This bundle is included for members of TNL business programme 

All products are non-refundable