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Raise Your Wedding Price

So, you want to increase your wedding price? Of course you do! Here's the challenge: If you're not hitting your targets at your current rate, then the thought of increasing seems impossible. Surely if you put prices up you'd sell even less right? Wrong my friend. Stay...

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Time Saving Tips for Wedding Pro’s!

How to save time and be more productive inside your Wedding Business.I get it. There are never enough hours in the day! How do we balance the need to spend time on wedding lead generation while dealing with all the emails and needs of our booked couples?! If you're...

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Wedding Business: What can you sell now?

Wedding Business:What can you sell now?Are you wondering how to continue to take bookings? How to offer your products and keep serving the wedding couples you love?    Perhaps you’re struggling to create an offer that people want right now to ensure cashflow?...

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Why Do They only Ask About price?

Urgh the dreaded question:   “What’s your price?”   For many of us in the wedding industry we can find this question awkward.   We don’t want to be ‘salesy’ We want to explain about all the various complicated options We don’t want to scare them off...

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What is a mini-moon?

47,000 Couples need this package: Mini-Moon In this article you’ll learn about a super opportunity for hotels and accommodation based businesses happening right now. The wedding industry has been seriously impacted but now the opportunities are there and this is just...

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How to Book More Weddings [after covid].

3 Steps to Booking Weddings [in the new normal]  In this new guide you’ll learn the 3 critical steps that will ensure your wedding venue, service or product keeps booking wedding couples through 2020 and beyond. My clients have continued to take deposits, keeping...

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Kelly’s wedding sales trainings are top class! These trainings have helped me to increase number of bookings and also increase revenue!

Oskar Gilchrist-Grodnicki, The Principal Edinburgh