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Let’s Talk Mini-Moons

47,000 Couples need this package: Mini-Moon In this article you’ll learn about a super opportunity for hotels and accommodation based businesses happening right now. The wedding industry has been seriously impacted but now the opportunities are there and this is just...

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How to book £4,000 extra revenue this week

  This week you can increase the spend on your upcoming weddings with just a few minutes of your time. Want to know how? Read on! Before I explain step by step how we're going to do this, first lets first look at our couples: ? Around 50% of couples go...

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Wedding packages that sell

These are some of the common questions I get asked by General Managers and Venue Owners when it comes to packages, pricing and up-sells: What's the best way to structure the packages to maximise sales and profit? How many wedding packages is the ideal number? How do...

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Social Media for Wedding Venues

Social media: Love it or hate you can't ignore it. Knowing the stats behind the social networks can enable you to create a strategy giving focused targeting of your ideal clients. However, wedding venues just like yours tell me repeatedly the main problem is not...

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Kelly’s wedding sales trainings are top class! These trainings have helped me to increase number of bookings and also increase revenue!

Oskar Gilchrist-Grodnicki, The Principal Edinburgh

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