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Partner Payouts

We want to have impact and help as many Wedding Businesses as possible to do what they love without burnout.

You can help be part of the team and part of the solution.

You’ll receive £100 per business that joins The Next Level on your recommendation.

Example partner payouts:

1 new joiner per month = £100 p/m (£1,200 p/y)

5 new joiners per month = £500 p/m (£6,000 p/y)

10 new joiners per month = £1,000 p/m (£12,000 per year!)


There’s no minimum… or maximum to how much you can earn being part of the team!

It’s even easier…

Free 5 Day Challenge

Simply recommend the FREE 5 Day Event using your unique registration link (more on that in a minute).

They’ll enjoy a brilliant free event and training, for which they’ll thank you for!

Some of those Wedding Pros will decide to stay in our world after the 5 Days. They will move to The Next Level!

And this is where your reward kicks in!


Easy as 1,2,3…

How it works

1. Watch the video below to see how to set up your partner account. This creates a unique link for you to share (and where people will register for the Free event). This is how we know they were recommended by you and how we pay you. Oh the magic of tech!

2. Share and Talk! Post, message, email and post some more. Inside your partner account you’ll find graphics and sample copy for you to use. You are very welcome to create your own but we like to make life easy for you!

3.  Your participants join in with the FREE 5 Day Challenge and some will decide to stay in our world and join The Next Level. It’s on these people that you earn rewards!

Payment terms: You’ll be rewarded with £100 per sign up to The Next Level. As long as your referred person stays for a minimum of 3 consecutive months. Your rewards will be paid automatically via PayPal after their 3 month anniversary!