VIP Sales and Strategy Programme

In the programme you’ll get:


  • 6 hours of wedding sales training via videos that dive deep into exactly how to sell more weddings


  • Uncover the real reasons why you aren’t booking more weddings (it’s not your product) and how to change it


  • 3 months 1-2-1 strategy sessions with Kelly. 1 hour per month creating a personalised business plan which is realistic and achievable to book more weddings now


  • Learn how to create packages that are scientifically proven to sell more


  • An exciting up sell strategy that both you and your couples will love


  • Know how to drive more show rounds and ultimately bookings to your venue


Need an invoice? Email Kelly to book your place and receive your invoice or pay by card by clicking below:

£199.80 (tax)
Total: £1,198.80