Join me for 5 days and experience some of my signature strategies that I teach our paying clients inside The Next Level. You can implement these steps and begin transforming your business, seeing more couples saying yes at higher rates.

Tasks are 10 minutes per day with *bonus* training sessions of 5+hours!

Thousands of Wedding Pro’s just like you have gone through Kelly’s programmes, bootcamps and challenges!

They no longer slash rates, use excuses or even procrastinate!

Now they turn up every single day and take the right action inside their businesses to see results!

wedding industry expert

Give me a minimum of 10 minutes each day for 5 days and let’s see what we can create together!


I went from destination weddings to working for  some of the most highly regarded names in hospitality such as Claridge’s, Rosewood & Mandarin Oriental.

Then to increasing weddings by £multi-millions across a 45 property hotel group.

Now I  share my strategies with wedding businesses globally.

And you can access them too.


Here’s what to expect over the 5 days:

Day 1

Discover what on earth is happening! Why couples aren’t responding after the initial enquiry, the common mistakes that are putting them off. Plus my tool to see where your weakest link is!

Day 2

The secret to what really hooks in our potential couples. The elusive gut feel is vital. Let me show you my simple step to increasing connection fast.

Day 3

The sales without being sales-y. With this ONE small thing (that absolutely everyone can do) – we’ll see more couples taking action.  Most wedding businesses are not doing this and it makes ALL the difference.

Day 4

Most Wedding Pro’s are missing a huge step when it comes to follow up! We turn the process on it’s head and show what get’s better results!

Day 5

The secret sauce – here’s where it all comes together. You’ll be ready to convert more couples after we complete Day 5!

  • 5 x Daily Tasks (10-30 mins)
  • Daily workbooks
  • 5hrs+ bonus supporting training content


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